Gettin’ my craft on with projects!

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So here is what I have been doing in Sierra’s room! These beautiful frames were once hung with pride in my Mama & Papa’s bedroom. AKA my Grandma & Grandpa.  Each frame was gold-ish coloured and had very old paintings in them. Here is a pic of the paintings. Is that bird dead or alive??


I purchased some burlap that had numbers painted on. Some cork board and got to work. First of all I painted these frames before our daughter was born. We chose her room colours to be orange, pink and grey so this fabric was the perfect find. The frames have been hanging on her bedroom wall with giant wood letters in them, but I was not happy with it. Then I came up with the following idea…


After layering the cork board so it was thick enough to handle holding a tac I then laid the fabric over top and stapled the snot out of it. The backsides look horrendous! Just don’t peak! 20150309_102409 20150309_102428

Finished project complete and I love it. What shall I do with the smaller frame though??? Any ideas???



Then I took some pics and tac’d them on. Sierra thought this was pretty cool and really enjoys talking about these pics while we change her diaper. I plan on switching up the pics every month or so pending on special occasions or if anyone from out of town has been here. Good memory frames for her!20150309_104335

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